TPG LogoIn the marketplace the only thing that distinguishes one real estate company from another is it’s reputation.

       The Property Group (TPG) is a full service real estate company catering its services to our clients and is among the most sought after companies for the personal services it offers. The owner, Robyne Brooks, has a philosophy that if you treat people honestly and fairly your reputation will follow.

       Once the property has been identified and the offer accepted TPG goes to work obtaining prices to install landscaping, window coverings and appliances – because their volume contractor discounts are given ensuring the best possible prices.

       Marketing begins at closing or by the time the property is move in ready by online advertising and placement in the MLS and Rentals.com, once escrow closes the utilities are transferred and keys are picked up by TPG.

       The next step is renting the property. We run a credit check on the prospective tenant, verifying employment and rental history. Once qualified the lease and other related paperwork are signed and the tenant moves into the property. During the lease term we monitor the property and handle any tenant issues.

       A thirty day notice is given prior to a tenant vacating the property. Once keys are returned TPG inspects the property and schedules the required work needed to re-rent the property thus beginning the process again.


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