1. When can you tell me the amount of funds required to close escrow?
Upon receipt of your documents and preparation of your escrow instructions, we will contact your real estate agent and/or you to let you know the amount of funds you will need to close escrow.

2. Who will call me to schedule an appointment?

Normally your real estate agent will call you. However, sometimes the title company will call to make arrangements for your signing.

3. Can I give you a personal check?

No, according to Nevada state law, all funds must be in the form of a cashiers check or via wire transfer.

4. When do I get my keys?

At the close of escrow your real estate agent will contact you regarding the disbursement of the keys.

5. How much time should I allow for my signing appointment?

Please allow 35-45 minutes for your signing appointment. Escrow papers can be sent via Federal Express.

6. What will the escrow officer explain to me at my appointment?

Any and all loan documents drawn by the lender of your choice, escrow instructions with terms of sale per your purchase contract, the estimated escrow statement, preliminary report, etc. The escrow officer will explain any reports and inspections that may be required on the property. We will also provide you with a complete package of all documents you have signed so that you may take it home for further review. Should you have any questions after reviewing your package, please do not hesitate to contact your escrow officer.

7. What is a Statement of Information?

Statements of information provide title companies with the information they need to distinguish the buyers and sellers of real property from other people with similar names. After identifying the true buyers and sellers, title companies may disregard the judgments, liens or other matters in the public records under similar names.

8. When should I shop for homeowners/fire insurance?

Due to recent natural disasters in our state, we suggest that you start shopping for homeowners/fire insurance as soon as your offer is accepted (it is a good idea to call your current insurer first). Know the age of your home when shopping for insurance. The Property Group recommends Jay Hadap at State Farm. He can provide a quote via phone at 702-361-1316.

9. What will I need to take to the Title Company when I go to sign my papers?

You will need to bring your cashiers check payable to the Title Company. Bring a valid driver’s license, valid passport or Military I. D.

10. When will I get my deed showing proof of ownership?

The day escrow closes is the day the deed records with the county and you become the owner of your home. It could take 6-10 weeks from the date for the county to mail you the original signed/recorded deed. At that time you need to be sure that the mortgage company and homeowners association has the correct address to send your billings.

The Eviction Process

We are fortunate that Nevada is landlord friendly as we are able to evict a tenant for non payment of rent within a short period of time.

A five day grace period is given for rental payments. After that late payments can be assessed, should a tenant still not pay, a 5 day notice is filled with the constables office. Seven days later a 24 hour notice is given and the tenant will be locked out 3 days later.

The tenant has the right to contest the eviction by filing a response. By law a court date must be set within 10 days. The judge will make his ruling at that time.


The Property Group – Our Story

Taking ownership is a normal part of doing business for 40-year resident Robyne Brooks, CPM. She was exposed to the real estate industry at an early age when her father, Robert Lee Brooks, built Las Vegas ‘ second hotel – the Nevada Biltmore on Main Street – and purchased properties along Las Vegas Boulevard long before there was a “Las Vegas Strip.”

“My dad and I were inseparable,” says Robyne. “He worked at home while we were in school so the industry became part of my life. I’ve always believed that people are attracted to what they know, and real estate is what I know best.”

Thirty years ago Robyne founded The Property Group, a full-service real estate company that specializes in sales and property management. Today the company is large enough to offer a variety of services but small enough to provide personalized attention.

“We provide our clients the level of attention that big companies cannot,” says Robyne. “Our team has the knowledge and experience to do whatever it takes to get the job done right.”

Robyne says she has assembled a team of professionals who work hard to establish a strong rapport and specialized one-on-one service for their clients. The team concept works, especially since the group shares a warm, easy-going style of service that matches Robyne’s own.

“It does not matter if they are sales agents or maintenance crew workers. People are comfortable here,” says Robyne. “It’s an environment that promises support without the pressure that’s typical of many companies.”

This unique philosophy is appreciated by every team member at The Property Group. In fact, Debbie Whitworth, real estate agent and head of the company’s sales department, left a large real estate company to join The Property Group. “I prefer the personalized, professional element that is offered here,” says Debbie. “It’s true that we interact in ways that just aren’t possible at large companies.”

Although Debbie and her team handle both residential and commercial properties, they specialize in residential and residential investment properties. Many of their clients hold their investments between five and seven years before turning them around. When that time comes, they ask Debbie to sell the existing property and help them find new properties to invest in.

“Debbie’s team has the experience required to successfully work with the sophisticated investor or the first-time home buyer,” explains Robyne. “But our sales team is not afraid to refer a client to another professional on that rare occasion a client’s needs fall outside the realm of our expertise. A hotel property is an excellent example.”

While Debbie specializes in the listing and selling of the company’s properties, Robyne deals with the property management of homeowners associations as well as residential and commercial properties. She says that the recent changes in the real estate industry have limited those who can offer property management services.

“Those wishing to specialize in property management must now obtain a permit,” says Robyne. “As a result, many agents will no longer be able to handle property management accounts. For these agents, as well as those choosing not to deal with the challenges of property management, we offer a referral and even go so far as to protect the referring agent when the time comes for resale.”

Robyne and members of her staff have all acquired their property management permits. One of these team members is Angelina Cassaro, who works to ensure customer satisfaction. Along with Janae Wilson she enters and tracks all work orders, logs all telephone calls and makes sure that the work get done right the first time.

“It take a special temperament and strong people skills to handle clients with problems,” says Robyne. “Angelina listens, offer solutions, takes the appropriate action and follows up.”

Not surprisingly, Janae says she enjoys cleaning up “loose ends.” And she especially loves the challenge of “bringing around” an irate tenant. Janae, who makes the follow up calls is pleased when she knows the work orders are done right the first time.

“In order to make something work, you must make it your own,” smiles Janae. “I know we can’t please everybody all the time, but we work hard to meet that goal.”

“Make it your own” service is a long-standing philosophy employed by The Property Group. In fact, it offers exterior visual inspections of every property in its management portfolio on a regular basis. A team member will visit the property, conduct an exterior inspection, and take photographs with a digital camera. The photos are then sent to the property owner for their records. This reassures the owner that their investment is being properly maintained. If the exterior inspection reveals a problem, an interior inspection is scheduled.

“We try to physically talk each client through their move-in and move-out,” says Robyne. “Our property owners appreciate this type of hands-on service.”

The Property Group also offers a wealth of other services to its clients, including marketing the property, screening prospective tenants, and preparing all required state paperwork. Computer generated monthly statements reflecting income and expenses are sent to clients by the 15th of the month, with detailed documentation for every expense item attached.

The company also stays up-to-date with the latest computer technology and Internet service. But Robyne says even cutting-edge technology does not take the place of personal interaction.

“We have always maintained that one-on-one service is the best way to service our clients,” says Robyne. “That’s why tenants calling our 24-hour emergency service hotline always reach a live staff member, not an answering machine.”

Robyne adds that such service ensures every tenant receives prompt attention for their emergency needs. One-on-one attention is an integral part of the level of service clients have come to expect from The Property Group.

In real estate, property management, and homeowner association management every day brings an entire new set of challenges. It requires a certain type of professionalism, but the team at The Property Group proves they are up to the task. From requests for new carpeting to rescuing a kitten stuck in a wall, these professionals will always find a solution. For Robyne Brooks and her team, there is no other way to do business.


(PHONE) 702-737-0190   – –   (FAX)  702-458-8116

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