Property Management

What The Property Group Does:

The major role is to accept responsibility for the operation, to provide service to tenants, income to owners and to protect the physical and economic life of the property. Areas of responsibility include:

• Buy/Sell Property
• Financial Controls
• Administrative Functions
• Physical Property Management
• Marketing for Optimum Occupancy
• Tenant Relations


Why Use The Property Group:

1. Decision making is probably the most important ingredient of a good management company. Today’s investor is looking for a manger who has the ability to consider all the alternatives before making a recommendation. The Property Group offers such an ability.

2. As the properties grow larger, so does the management responsibility and the importance of having a qualified management company like The Property Group represent you.

3. The Property Group is a service company providing a management system that insures the enhancement of value and return on property.

4. A timely and accurate reporting system produced by our in-house computer provides you with a concise, easy-to-read summary of cash income and disbursements.

5. Our well-trained, creative staff will increase occupancy for the highest return.

6. A maintenance program is developed for each property, and maintenance personnel are trained in servicing and repairing various building components.

7. Analytical reports are available which can be used in making decisions about the operations and future of the development. These reports include vacancy analyses as to unit type, size, location and demand as well as the breakdown of budgets on a monthly basis compared to the prior year.


•Experienced career property managers able to provide optimum rent levels
•Central purchasing power
•Integrity of a reputable company to control expenses
•Fixed management fees
•Computerized accounting system providing a variety of cash flow reports
•Maintenance programs including a comprehensive deferred maintenance plan
•Up-to-date marketing and advertising programs
•Tight system of checks and balances on personnel and procedures
•Established credit with vendors providing better prices and service
•Close watch of budgets and variances

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